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The "European Appeal - Companies and Employees – Blazing a New European Trail" calls for much needed reforms regarding employees and companies. It addresses the issues of democracy at work, enforcement of employee rights (including through a European agency dedicated to this effect), the fight against the destructive practices of shell companies, the need for a fairer and more efficient corporate tax system, and the necessity to implement binding measures regarding the social and environmental responsibility of companies.



The European Appeal was launched in mid-April. It exists in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions. It is a great success already: is has the support of more than 450 personalities from 30 countries, including more than 60 Members of the European Parliament, 15 Members of Parliament from various countries, five former Prime Ministers and Ministers, 40 trade-unions and 250 academics.


On 11 May, the French newspaper Le Monde and the Spanish online newspaper el diario published it. On 25 May, the Süddeutsche Zeitung mentioned it in an article.  List of signatories in French – Le Monde  - 11 May 2018  


We welcome your support.


The next European elections are in May 2019 and now is the right time to set the debate on the right footing. In addition, significant European legislative proposals are currently under discussion and the European Appeal is also a way to participate to this debate immediately. 



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